How Is New Technology Affecting Marketing?

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Well I think that the new technologies are, they're so many of them, so everyone the range today is wearable technology right? And that's very obvious but it's going to become far more democratized and things that Under Armor is doing for instance with the technology build in to shorts, is fascinating but there are other things as well.

Another technology that's really basic and it's a basic app is GateGuru, it's a great app and so that tells you we started to find healthier amenities around the places that you are travelling, and now it's broadened to basically health travelers. Another one we are in the process of developing for our client, it's a more advanced disease and what the problem is, is that it takes you so long to sign up through insurance to actually get it.

So what we've created is a basic app that says, okay now, if you're interested in this, let's help guide you through the process so that you know that you are going to get to that place. So the technologies are very very very far reaching and I think that there are sort of reinforces a better source of behavior that can lead to a better healthier outcome.