Why Do You Buy Up Patents?

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We invest in electrical property in the same way that let's say private equity invest or venture capital invest or will invest. A fraction of what we do is we invest in brand new patents, we create our own or we fund an inventure to have some and wearing that hat, we're the 17th largest inventure in the world and we're the 5th largest in the United States.

Which is almost impossible for me to believe that we're the 5th largest company in the US for filing new patents, but we are and we're able to do that because our investors know that we own those ideas, most of them will fail and we all know that most of them fail but the ones that succeed, we're hoping will pay back enough for the ones that fail that we and our investors and our inventures can keep this engine enrolling.

Well we also will invest in existing inventions and that's very much like the private equity industry or the stock market, we say there's an existing company out there and I get to invest in it. So Facebook has gone public, we all now get to invest in Facebook. So in the same way we will make investments in patents.

Usually, when we make investment in patents it's for the company that doesn't know quite what to do with it yet, usually, we buy all of it or we buy a controlling interest in it. So we're just buying a tiny amount, and we manage we measure with other patents hoping that we'll find a better way to make that idea connect with the world than the previous owner did.