What's Your Most Surprising Discovery in Your Work Studying Dinosaurs?

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The thing I love about dinosaurs, is they were on one handy incredible tangible things, men skeletons that you could walk around in. Very if we didn't have that direct evidence, boy it would be pretty improbable, but my God here it is. And they clearly were a form of advanced life that's very different than we are today or any thing we see today.

If they existed on a larger size scale, they existed successfully for 200 million years. So, this is an incredible success story for evolution and they are all gone. And because they're all gone we have to the piece together information about their life, through lots of little tidbits.

And by taking those tidbits, the little scandy bits of information and extrapolating and being careful, we can actually extrapolate a huge amount. You know about them and the miracle with dinosaurs is, a) they are so remote from what we do and yet we figured out so much. However, the way often works in science, the more we figure out about dinosaurs, the more there is to know.

You know I was a kid the big question was what killed the dinosaurs? And when I was a graduate student in Princeton, I actually went to one of the first seminars that Luis and Walter Alferous gave about their crazy theory that an asteroid impact killed the dinosaurs. So I was there one of the first times they had ever spoken publicly about it.

So, in my professional career when from no one had a clue what killed the dinosaurs to now there's an overwhelming evidence that there was catastrophic destruction on earth caused by this impacted [XX]. And even then, there is [xx] a) there is skepticism. There are some doubters, that's good and those doubters they should master their evidence.

And maybe they can convince us that it was wrong. Umm meanwhile, it's open up this whole avenue of single god if it that could that happened to us. People sometimes ask me why I'm interested in dinosaurs because it could be it's so unapplied and other things I do are very applied.

People make money on them, they save lives. It's got some direct purpose. But, the study of dinosaurs led to the question of why did they go extinct, which led to the asteroid impact type offices, which has put a lot of emphasis, not enough yet but a lot of emphasis on people looking for asteroids that may hit us.

And there's a funny chain of logic such that curiosity about dinosaurs could very well save the human race. I can't prove that yet and of course it maybe a million years before there's other impact or it could happen during this interview. Yeah I'm hoping, I'm betting not. This is excellent reason to bet not, but eventually the world will lose that bet and we are all the much better for having been awakened to the possibility largely in the base of dinosaurs.