What's the Return to the American Public of These Patent Investments?

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Our company has channeled more than $300 million to individual inventors in the United States. These are individuals who may have retired from a company or from the university or they are just bright people that had great ideas. Who else has channeled $300 million to them other than me? And they've used that money to come up with tremendous number of cool ideas.

We also, when we buy patents from a company, we've bought patents from most of the fortunate 500, we've bought patents for more than a hundred different universities. They get a cash return that encourages them to make more inventions. If a CFO of a company looks at patents like a black hole and say yeah we've put lots of money and no money ever comes out, he's going to want to cut it.

And all too often the CFO, in the most well-meaning way in the world, says, cut that stuff, we need to save money, we can't afford to go do pie in the sky future work. If in fact the head of our [xx] Well actually, we could get a killer feature for our new project, but even if we don't, we can sell him to Nathan or some other invasion capitalist, we have a fall back.

The guy says so we can get our money back afterwards? My guess is yeah, often we can get our money back, or more, we can even make money on them. That encourages invention.