What Was it Like at Chief Technology Office at Microsoft When Bringing Products to Market?

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Is a set of companies, that have a customer driven focus on their products. They say we live to delight the customer, I think that's great. The trouble is, in technology you can't ask the customer what thay want. Well, you can ask but your are going to get a very strange answers. It's not the customer job to invision what's posssible.

The old story goes if Henry Ford would ask customers what they wanted they would have said faster horse or a horse that doesn't really manover all the place. You can imagine a variety of things, they would not have asked for a car. That's even more true in the computer age where people don't understand how, what the technological progress would mean for them as an individual.

It wasn't their job? It's our job. So when we would ask people what would you want about a product? Or we would offer a product for sale, we always had to keep at the back of our minds, that is not just something if you take it literally. We have to obstruct from that what they are really after and try to envision what it could be.

And all great technological leads, occur because someone envisions a need that they don't have at the moment. They say you know, no one is clamoring for this in a phone, but by God if we make it, maybe they'll decide they want it after the fact. And that has happened multiple times with important technology products, somebody goes out on a limb and has a vision of something that goes a step beyond and by definition that radical step beyond is not something any customer would have told you.