What Makes a Great Chef?

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They have some great taste, and that sound's funny, but the single most important thing a Chef does, is taste food. A Chef that doesn't taste would be like a journalist that doesn't listen, how could you do your job? And that's why, the single most important thing will, the second thing's a Chef has to be a manager.

In fact we use the term chef, which in french just means chief and really means manager. It's the guy whose in charge of the kitchen. In order to make a meal in a restaurant or in a commercial setting, you've got to manage a bunch people. Now, there are some people who are terrific cooks but you ask what makes a great chef and a great chef is someone manages some other people doing it.

Maybe it's just their husbands or their wives or their kid that is helping them, maybe it's just organizing their own activities. They are great cooks, they are not great chefs because they don't have that management element. And then finally, you have to have a sense of aesthetics.

This is sort of goes to the taste thing disundergree, but food is art, and so if you want to make a great artist, well suppose you meet a great painter or you've got to have some technical skills if your hand is all jittery and you have not practiced how to draw. Yeah that's part of being a great painter, but really what being a great painter is about is how you capture thoughts and emotion in a visual way.

Well a great chef captures thoughts and emotions in taste, in smell, in texture and a great meal or a poor meal can affect our feelings, our emotions, our thoughts just as profoundly as.