What Are the Important Things in a Menu?

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I think a menu is a lot like a musical composition and that's probably a much better analogy than it is a painting or other things because music, a symphony or long piece of music unfolds over a period of time as a meal does. And the opening and the middle and the section and the choruses and how one thing relates to another, I think is a strong analogy to how a composer would create a symphony that's of elements that are both harmonious and different at the same time and so I think that designing a menu is one of the highest forms of the chef's art.

It's also why I always recommend that people have the chef pick the food. Going into a restaurant, you picking the food, it's great if you're tired, it's great if you know exactly what you want. It's not bad overall but I would really encourage people to say, if the chef is really an artist, if he really knows what they are doing, turn it over to them.

They would take you on a journey you would not have otherwise gone on. You don't go to a Steven Spielberg movie and say okay, here's how I want it to end, here's what I want to see no, no, no, you let Steven Spielberg or other great, Martin Scorsese, other great directors, you suspend this belief and you let them take your decisions, you let a good novelist take you on a path.

I would encourage you with chef to say let them take you on a path, you may not like all of it just like you do not like all parts of a story but that's part of the magic.