What About Spiritual Answers to Some of Science's Questions?

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I'm not a fan of the spiritual acceptance of ours as spiritual is another way of describing things we don't understand. So when it gets to the spiritual aspect off people, really there is a spiritual aspect because people feel that way and empirically they absolutely feel that way, but I take a step before that and I say how do people think? What is thought in cognition? Now, that borders on the spiritual, but it's also I think a pretty direct thing and I'd also say let's not talk about humans, let's talk about dogs.

OK, turns out dogs are pretty smart, and dogs can understand spoken commands, they can solve problems, they can solve math problems. There's a set of things they can do very well, like a dog at the within its zone of competence, a dog is way better than a robot. We can't build a robot as smart as a dog, everyone's hope is yes in 10 years we really but [xx] wouldn't be as smart as a dog.

Well, all of these existential questions of spiritualism so forth come up when you talk about human intelligence. That's why I like talking about dogs, or pick your other animal so is rats, now how do you get to use spirits of a rats? Now if we understood how the brain, this tiny little brain overlap, can do all these problem solving things and all this intelligence less than ours but still substantial.

If we understand that I have a basic, and I'll call it faith even though I'm not a very spiritual to our faith driven guy. I have a faith that once we understood how brains work better than we do now we'd be able to go along a chain of inference that would help us understand people.

And if we understand people, we understand consciousness, that serves as the next thing after understanding thinking and the brain is really consciousness is the most difficult aspect of that. The most intellectually challenging aspect I think. Then once you're there, I think maybe we have a way of getting spiritual things in a really direct physical sense.