Is There a Chef You Would Love to Work With?

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Because of his position in history, I would love to talk to or work with Auguste Escoffier. He's been dead for a 100 years, that's going to make it really tough, but that would be amazing because of his role in the cartification of French cuisine, it was realy Escoffier and the book that he wrote was the single biggest reason that French food has been the model for high end food all over the world, there's many other historical chefs like that.

In terms of living chefs, there's tons of chefs I haven't work with and I would love to both eat their food and have a chance to talk to them, part of the motivation for me writing the book is, so I can do things like that, if you knock on the door of the kitchens and say I'm this guy who really loves food and I'd really love to talk to you about it, most chefs are'nt going to make time for it they are going to serve dinner to lots of other folks.

You write a 2400 page cook book and a few almost say hey you're that guy.