What Is Wellaho?

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Wellaho is a chronic disease management software. It's an application that is, to the best of my knowledge, it's the only FDA approved, doctor prescribed app that when somebody gets diagnosed with a neo-chronic condition, whether it's cancer or diabetes or heart failure, they get prescribed this application, and there are four components to this offer.

One is early diagnosis. We have software that based on family history can provide very precise information on propensity of you, based on your entire family's history, to get the various diseases and then provides information and prevention techniques to help you delay the onset or get help prevent the disease.

The second component is once somebody's diagnosed with the condition we download their patient's electronic record system from their doctor or hospital and based on that we provide a personalized education, personalized monitoring and support system. So education is very detailed information about what is the disease, how does it get diagnosed, what are the treatment options and what's your treatment option.

And also it gets into healthy living in terms of what's the right diet for you, what's the right exercise you need to do and then all that is personalized based on ICD course which is code at the hospitals and doctors use to decide the detailed level of diagnosis for a patient.

So when somebody gets diagnosed, they get the stool and they monitor themselves on ongoing basis and then their doctors can see how they are doing, and intervene when necessary. They can also get support from other patients, and their own family that they can invite at all in their hippo compliant secure environment.

And as I said, the tool is FDA approved. So the hospital and doctors feel comfortable using it.