What Did You Learn about the Healthcare System from Your Own Experience?

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Where like everybody else when we were first told that she has cancer we went to doctor Google and that's a frustrating education because you get 1 million hits and that is medically uneducated person you're trying to figure out what is the stage one cancer, what versus H2 cancer, what does it mean if I have lymph nodes clear and so on and so forth, and you get very contradictory information which is not personalized for your condition, that was it in an aha moment where I said we have the ability with software and analitics to drive this very personalize intrication based on each individuals diagonizes and treatment options, so that was the first one The second one was I'm an ingenious so I started keeping track of all her medication, I kept track of all her symptoms in pads and then in upgrade into Apache I took it to the doctors and they said this is all great what am I supposed to do with it? Now we build chart and every information but we fitted back into electronic record, so the doctor when they are checking their electronic record they know what's happening to patients when they are not in their office.

That is the information that the didn't have and I had and I couldn't give it to them because they we'd know how to use it. And the third element to support was important in that we had a lot friends and family who wanted to know what's happening to her and I had to just keep building a blog to keep them appraisal.

They were other patients but I don't want to go to patients like me not because its not a good site, but I don't know how many of them are real patients verses marketing people selling me things that I don't need. So our site is verified because every patient comes from a doctor.

Through a doctor we know they are real patients, and it's being moderated by real doctors and real nurses. So that's the difference in this personal approach.