How Do You Persuade a Physician to Prescribe Your Wellaho Software?

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We're right now the sweet spot right now for is capitulated systems, like accountable care organization, patient center medical homes or any capitulated systems because they have incentive to reduce their cost. And the costs are mainly patients ending up in the hospital or going to emergency room.

So for them to avoid people going to emergency room, they have to use a tool to monitor patients and bring them in and fix the problem before they end up in the ER. We just finished our first clinical trial with heart failure patients. And we reduced readmission rate from 26% for cohorts to 6% versus people who are using the system.

We are doing a 200 patient diabetes trial right now at UCST here in San Diego we're doing an asthma trial we're starting a big pilot study with the cancer patients that's the other element of differentiation we want to have clinical efficacy, there are over 3000 health and wellness apps but how do they work? Do they really worth what they say they do and that's why we are doing all this clinical trials.