What's Moving Major Academic Hospitals Forward in Healthcare?

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Well I think the major thing for a big academic centre with alot of specialists who are supper specialists, part of the idea is how do you get that expertise to be available more broadly not just in your local area. So people travel to UCLA for example for transplants from all around the world essentially, but we have expertise in TeleStroke, and the diagnosis in treatment of stroke.

So we've developed a program, a TeleStroke program. So now hospitals throughout California are signed up with us and our experts can remotely diagnose a stroke and recommend the appropriate treatment. So it's a sort of having spokes image, and I think that the availability of technology to support that is very very important the thing that has to go with it, is you have to have a service mentality.

You have to actually provide the care and the advice in a way that fits for the local hospital or the local doctor You'll have to go out and listen and understand the problems that they're trying to solve. So you may think that they ought to have a certain kind of expertise, but they want that and they actually need help with something else.

So that's building a system. You don't have to own that hospital, they're independent, but you're collaborating to try and raise the quality of care, and we learn it raises our quality too. Because sometimes our super specialists are really interested in someone that has a particular disease and they may not be paying attention to their plain old hypertension.