What Are the Major Diseases that Concern You?

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Or its a short and very straight forward list. Its chronic diseases, so hypertension, asthma, diabetes, COPD, lung diseases, these are the big entities that wind up making people sick for years and then kill them of, and we know how to tackle them. And so what we're getting now, the reason, if I sound excited I am, the reason that we are really able to do something about it now, is we can say, well if we are taking care of several hundred thousand patients and for example the L.

A. Region, for our health system, we now have a way of tracking how their health is doing, sending them a reminder, getting them to education classes, have someone [UNKNOWN] to their home and put in a remote monitoring system, if we need to find how they're doing everyday. So we can catch it early if they're trending down hill, and get in there and help them and do something about it.

So, it's a completely different way than just sitting in your office and waiting for.