Is the Obesity Epidemic Getting Worse?

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Is certainly is continuing to get worse and I think physicians themselves have a relatively mild effect on obesity, but this is a pattern in the society and in the culture and that we're quite right that the thing we have to do to challenge that or to take on obesity have more to do with the foods that are available.

It has a lot to do with exercise, I mean this is a huge issue and so the one thing that doctors or the medical system can do is in a sense prescribed exercise and prescribe various programs because there are programs you can really help, it just doesn't consist mostly of going and talking to your doctor.

The physicians are not alone in this, there are tremendous forces, a lot of have consumer interest, school teachers, in terms of the school and the children's help. There's a lot of interest in society in trying to eat more healthily in trying to get more exercise. So, if you put the burden on the doctors, we're not going to be able to do it, but all of the physician organizations are very strong supporters of this work.

We were a big part of the movement against smoking, so we'll play an important role, but nobody should think that doctors are going to cure this social problem alone.