What Is the RealAge Concept?

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So RealAge was in trying to motivate people. When I would approach people and said that crazy guy who lived at the University of Chicago campus, and in walking across the campus I would see students outside the student union smoking, and I'd go up to them and say smoking kills you.

Do you want some help quitting? And you know what they did, they gave me an appropriate finger salute. Then I said, well keep being dead doesn't motivate people, we're young because it's too far in the future but the energy level you have now does. And when I started approaching them about wrinkles or impotence or things that took away their energy they got and stopped and came to me and for me help them stop smoking.

Well I was running in the Anesthesia and Critical Care Department and part of the data that actually Toby Cosgrove had accumulated first at the Cleveland clinic even though I was at UC San Francisco in Chicago at the time was that for every 10 years younger you are, you have one third the mortality rate.

So when he operated on someone who was 75, if there was a 3% mortality rate, if that same operation, same everything else, was done on a 65 year old it was 1%. And if you did that same thing in a 55 year old it was one third of a percent. So you lower the complication rates and mortality by threefold from making someone 10 years younger.

So I said our job in anesthesia is to make people if you will, 10 years younger in the two weeks surrounding the perioperative period. And in learning how to do that, we learned how to chronically help people make their real age younger, so your real age is the actual age of your body, as opposed to your calendar age, which is just the number of birthday candles you've blown out.