What Are Ways to Help People Make Healthy Choices?

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Part of our, if you will ingrained brain addictions, so we know that we have addictions to alcohol, 17% of us have the genes for alcohol addiction. Similarly to narcotics, but sugar, saturated fat and salt, seem to trigger the same responses and when you combine them together, those addictions are too tough for us.

So the only way we can fight it, is to change our environment so we're not teased. We've done that with alcohol, we don't know how it could be sold in certain things and it's not the cultural norm to have it. We've done that with heroine, we don't offer it on the street very easily.

We try and do with tobacco by taxing it. When you're trying to do this, what we done at the equivalent clinic is we've changed your vending machine, so they don't have any of those products in it. Literally, you can't buy a product with saturated fat out of our vending machine. You can't buy it with sugar or added syrups.

You can't buy it with salt above a certain level. Similarly we've changed, we've taken all the sugar drinks out of that campus. We don't even have fattening milk, so we've taken all that. If you have whole milk way and things like that, to change the environment so that it's easy to be healthy, hard to be unhealthy.

We've made a walking track encourage that we have games on the internet so it's social. We've made our fitness clubs free. What are we doing? All we're doing is trying to make it easy to make healthy choices hard to make unhealthy choices. So if you're a patient, you can't get these gifts in gravy unless you send out for, and have a special delivery service bring it to you, so we don't want you to be able to get..