What Are Ways to Help People Be More Healthy?

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What we really have found is that promotion isn't enough and Elvis actually gave us their first clue to that, the polio vaccine we were staying away from it in droves. That is in 1958 when he went into the service, 0.3 less than half a percent of those eligible to get the polio vaccine had gotten it by the time he went into the service.

But he went in and was the first social media, he was the forerunner of sharcare and probably curiosity.com too in that he got immunized on TV, all three TV networks, live on the Morning Show, ABC, CBS, NBC, the only thing they had done together other than a presidential debate at that time and it was 66 newspapers above the fold on the front page, his picture he's getting the polio vaccine and within eight months, 83.2% of us eligible, he wiped out polio.

That was the first promotion of health behavior that we had really done that used social media, so he gave us an aha moment, I can do that too, if he can get shot I can get shot. He gave us a social media, it's fun to do this, it's a buddy, I'll do it with my buddy, my buddy is Elvis in this case, he changed the environment meaning it was Okay to do this.

And the fourth thing is there was no incentive tied to it, but that's what we found. So the four characteristics are to get emotional aha moment and a culture change, to change the environment so it's easier to stay healthy, hard to be unhealthy. To use social media buddies, websites interaction, to continue to foster it, and then to give large incentives for staying healthy not as much as the cost of medical care would be, but large enough so that it really grabs peoples attention to want to stay healthy in what we call getting the five normals.

Normal blood pressure, normal lipids, normal glucose, or hemoglobin A1C, there is no type 2 diabetes, normal waist for height and no coke and tobacco products in your urine. So those five if we get those five right, we save the US about 1.6 billion a year and we can then not have rationing and then have the other social things that we consider makes society good.