Is Preventing Disease More Important Than Treating Disease?

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We as doctors and especially in the era until recently, focus on how do we get the best treatment for the sick patient in train we train them to health. It wasn't how do we keep the healthy healthy, that's why in all developing societies. When you look at India and China, as they get developed, what do they do?

They do less physical activity, they smoke more, they start to eat pork and red meat, and saturated fats, and more milk products and more sugar and, they have more stress. So what do we do? It follows it. We don't do the right things, because we would live like peasants if you will I tried in one of the early books Dr. Oz and I write these books together comes together I tried to write as one of it live like a peasant, we did a focus group on that it was going to be the sub tittle didn't work no one wanted to live like peasant, but in fact doing physical activity daily as part of your life having a purpose in life being a value valuable member of society the elders educating the young eating mainly a vegetarian based diet without saturated fats, without added sugars, avoiding tobacco, having clean water those are things that promote health, and that you're eating like a peasant, and that's really what you want to do.

So the peasant lifestyle is the one you want, add it to it with modern medicine to when you get the infectious disease you get to be able to reverse the sinusitis when pneumonia doesn't kill you when you're in your teens.