How Do We Get People to Live Longer?

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We spend a little over 70%, maybe 75% of our total medical expense, is on chronic disease. Heart disease, obesity and [xx] including type 2 diabetes, the chronisity[sp?] of cancer, asthma and low back pain and arthritis. If we can get to find ways of preventing or reversing those and those who're already, we save this enormous amount of money that we can do other things for in out society to make it a better society.

What we really have found, is the promotion isn't enough, and Elvis actually gave us the first clue to that, the polio vaccine, we were staying away from [xx], that is in in the 1958 when he went into the service, 0.3, less than half of percent of those eligible to get the polio vaccine had gotten it by the time he went in to the service.

He got immunized on TV, all three TV networks, live on the morning show, ABC, CBS, NBC, the only thing that they had done together other than the presidential debate at that time, within 8 months, 83.2% of us eligible. He wiped out Polio, that was the first promotion of health behavior that we had really done.

The four characteristics are to get emotional, aha! moment and a culture change, to change the environment so it's easier to stay healthy, hard to be unhealthy, to use social media buddies, websites interaction to continue to foster it, and then to give large incentives for staying healthy, not as much as the cost of medical care would be but large enough so that it really grabs people's attention to want to stay healthy, and what we call getting the five normals.

Normal blood pressure, normal lipids, normal glucose or hemoglobin A1C, that is no type 2 diabetes, normal waste for height and no cotanine or tobacco products in New York. Really four factories control over 70% of those chronic diseases. Physical activity, food choices and portions size, managing stress, avoiding tobacco, and the fifth is probably sleep, but we don't get enough, because most of us get an approximate amount of sleep, that we don't give it enough credit, but we could do those five things because each of us control it and wipe out 1.6 trillion of expenses every year, change the curve to downward, better compete for jobs in America, but more in and as importantly, keep our freedoms so that we don't have to do rationing, we don't have to do ruin the social structure that is so key to our enjoying life.