What Are Some of the Technologies that Philips Is Working On?

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On almost all of our Telehouse solutions we are bringing in an enormous quantity of data. Whether it's an Intensive Care Unit or even these chronic disease patients who are monitoring in their homes, but every thing is being filtered through a decision support engine and the only things that get flagged in what we call these population displays which are a bunch of graphical metaphors that will use colors and symbols to say this person has something that's out of bound it will tell you what area it's out of bounds in.

And then you, the provider would go, and would look at the specifics, maybe talk to the patient, talk to someone in the home, if it's in the Intensive Care Unit, they might look at more information, talk to the nurse at the bedside. So we think that filtering and profiling what needs to be looked at, at a population level and awful lot of the tools that we're developing we describe almost in military terms like an AWACS that's flying over a battlefield, the people running around fighting can't see whose down, where you need reinforcements, where the enemy is messing, and without that sort of birds eye prospective and coordination you become inefficient and ineffective.