Evolving Healthcare Technology to Improve Outcomes

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If you exclude diagnostics and therapeutics I think healthcare is at the very beginning of the road in technology on almost every front. I think if you you look at a lot of the electronic medical records, they are all first generation. They lack the sophistication the usability, the smarts, the true, transformational characteristics that I think they potentially will bring down a few down the line.

[MUSIC]The changes in reimbursement that will put health systems financially at risk are going to drive enormous innovation some people in some organizations will come up with noble ways of taking care of individuals that will clearly stand head and shoulders above the way it's been historically, and will be broadly adopted.

So I think, at least I'd like to think that we're entering into a very exciting decade of change in healthcare. Where we were wired to deal with not enough food, and now we are in an environment where there's too much food available to us, and as much as we can argue that the super size portions, some of constituents of what we eat are contributors.

I think our society has gone through enormous changes that we've been slow to respond to because evolution is a slow moving process. We all have responsibility for trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and I think parents have some responsibility here. I think governments have some responsibility.

It's really a shared challenge. I think we're very slowly waking up to the magnitude of the problem and like most things we tend to respond only when all the options are out of our reach.