Should We Be Concerned About Eating Processed Foods?

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This is where this confusion over terminologies and how we think about it. Let's take a bag of potato chips, and let's compare that to what you would make at home. If your grandmother made potato chips at home she'd take a potato, pill it, slice it, fry it, sprinkle some salt and the only thing in that potato chip would be what? Potato, oil and salt.

Now, you take a bag of potato chips and you look on the back and you'll read these three ingredients, potato, salt and vegetable oil, it hasn't changed. The difference between that bag and what your grandma did is that's done on scale and it's available to you when you need it whereas that was when she felt like making it, because this is processing and that's cooking.

So at the very fundamental level there's nothing wrong with processing, we've been processing ever since the first potato chips were first made, the first bread was made. I've always been taught, and now teach, science is an evolving discipline, nothing is constant. And the important thing is to continue to develop, and have the best processing techniques we can based on the knowledge we have today and the needs of today.

Whether it's because of environmental sustainability water usage or human biological needs. We have to balance all of those, you can't just do one or the other, and so to me this is going to continue to evolve. It has been evolving we see it evolve faster.