How Does Pepsi Make a Difference in Global Hunger?

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From a business point of view we are constant looking for efficiency in the most efficient way of being able to take great tasting products, nourishing products and have them available, at prices that are affordable, we are costly trying to design, to make sure, that, that is part of the discussion.

OK, and it's always that balanced, and we have to do it. The 2nd, is innovation, is clearly the answer here, and whether it's reducing wastage, let me give you an example. As I was discussing earlier, 40 % of the food that we make in the United States today, goes to waste 40%. If we could cut that by half to 20%, every child in America that is hungry, will not need to go hungry.

so we have to ask ourselves, what is the causes of that wastage? All the wastage happens, in the developed world, including in America. after it actually gets  to consumer. It's from our kitchens and from our restaurants. Let's think about the kitchen can we make food so it remains nutritious for longer.

So mum doesn't have to worry about throwing it out because its date has expired can we make food that remains fresh for longer because its nutrition is stable, that's a huge opportunity, for the food and beverage industry. And only the food and beverage industry can do these. 98% of the world's population, buys its food from the private sector, 98%, so who's going to address this?

Its going to be the food industry.