Why Is Curiosity Important for Longevity?

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When I started my own television show I announced to the folk set the upper studios that I was coming over, and they all give me a bit of advice and the most valuable insightful note I was given from that experience group of producers was that I should figure out from people who like me, why they like me? So, I did that.

I asked my closest friends what is it you like about me? I know there's a lot of things you don't like but what is it that makes you attracted to me? And they all said your curiosity, your passion so I thought a lot about curiosity and what makes me curious and I think there is a fundamental annexed in me and an unsettled soul that knows there is more out there than I can see and firmly in my heart hopes because I don't know we none of us do,this too but hopes that there is a deeper wisdom that we can achieve if we just stay curious in life, and when I see people who have age gracefully, elegantly, beautifully they almost always curious individuals, willing to continue to change, to adapt, to evolve.

Because fundamentally that's what we're about. Not this evolution from apes, long term [xx] evolution as an individual. The ability to adapt to change and be comfortable being uncomfortable. So I think one of the reasons that I'm curious, I think that it is the fundamental way that I'll stay young.