Should I Eat a European Diet?

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Yes, I eat more the way a European would eat in part because my parents came from that part of the world. So I grew up eating meals of that nature and I think there's some wisdom to having a light meal late in the day, so you can sleep better, which's is an important facet that we need to do in this country, sleep better.

I think there's value having most of carbohydrates in the morning, so we burn through them by the end of the day, and I think it's a very smart cultural habit in Europe which is so not have a huge desert after you finish dinner because desserts fundamentally are metabolic suicide because it stimulates insulin, a hormone in your body that's anabolic and builds storage units, in particular fat units, so if you've a lot of food, T-bone steak, then you have a strawberry cheesecake pie to follow, you're going to stimulate that insulin search which's going to deposit all the food you ate as fat in your hips, it's hard to get it off.