How Will Sharecare Educate Me About My Health?

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One of the best parts about Share care is we've got a lot of different doctors in different places, different backgrounds, different institutions, different cultural sensitivities and sensibilities around topics. So you may ask a question as simple as, how do I treat a tension headache and I might have a top urologist from Stephen clinic or Johns Hopkins from your private, when you're I practice, you might have me give you an answer based on some wisdom I've gained to do out of home up without short team.

You might have a hospital like open answer because they are partners of ours. And you might a doctor give you an answer and I've a better position from India I had written a Chinese doctor from Shanghai and so on and so forth, and that you got 25 answers to a question that you can actually walk yourself through it.

And no one is talking anything actual or sell anything to you, they give you the best answers they can and that makes the site an attractive place for people to live. I have also loved, loved, loved the idea that we have moved from just giving you printed answers to actually having folks talk on video, otherwise I love the fact that we've moved from just giving you answers that has been written down to answers that you can watch and listen to in the web.

Because it allows you to access the information where you are. It's one of the big realities out you are in my show because you got to celebrate wherever they are. If you don't celebrate people where they are they don't come back because no one wants to get bad news all the time but if I respect you whatever you've done the first step you may have taken which is maybe come into the site might be the only way I really get you into the care.

I take advantage of that tell you that you're doing great so far or you're not and give you those insights it takes you more too long than you would actually need to do.