How did Sharecare begin?

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Before I even began my TV show, I recognized that I had to have a powerful web partner, a place where people can go to get to the questions answered, because I recognized that although they might like me as a person, they may be watching my show, they're not going to trust what I said, because they didn't hear it right, or may be I mis-spoke.

But you don't want to die a misprint. So I knew I had to have a reservoir of wealth and a wealth of help information that people could get access to. So, I partnered with Jeff Arnold and Oprah Winfrey and Discovery to create Sharecare. Because I knew that if we did this right, and our partners at Sony, and everybody else at the show would pull those words together then we could make conversation happen online with people who are watching our show, and it's been very gratifying, to see people watch the program start to understand there's a problem somewhere because what we do more than anything else in a TV show is to make up on a shout off our stuff, we get it out on the radar screen, but the real deep soulful conversations, those sorts of information that drives change happens on Sharecare and that experience for me has been a wonderful example of how you can combine multiple different ways of teaching in order to really make change happen..