When Did You Realize You Could Make the World a Better Place?

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Well I had written my first book called Entertaining, which was a picture book, a story book and a recipe book and bringing all those elements together made me feel that this could be done his kind of dissecting a part of the subject of living which is a vast subject this, could really be done and in a variety of subjects.

And I wrote down all the subjects which I then started to call core content areas which includes cooking, entertaining, collecting, holidays, crafts, a lot of different co-content areas and I thought my gosh, this is a phenomenon things maybe I'll do a whole series of books on all these core content areas.

But instead of a book, I'd focus then on the format of the magazine because each and every month you can cover those content areas in a magazine, and because there are so many different ways to approach collecting for example. We have a limitless supply of information, well researched, well written well photographed that we can write about for years, and years, and years and a magazine is the right format.

Whether it's a digitized magazine as is happening now. And we're digitizing our content or printing our magazines as we still do and selling them on users by subscriptions. It's a really wonderful format for the dissemination of a wide variety of information.