What's Something Important You Should Do Everyday?

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We want to encourage people to better their everyday existence, and this is not a preaching kind of inspiration, we don't preach, we really teach, and that is each and everyday. We want to learn something new everyday, which is one of my strongest motto's, I hate to just do things to a motto, but to learn something new everyday is really important for everybody, and you feel good when you learn something, even if it's the simplest thing.

New way to squeeze a lemon to save the juice, to get every drop of out of that lemon, that's a really good thing, which is another one of my little motto's that you have a good thing everyday. So it's demystification of things that probably have already been discovered but you can still discover if you don't know it.

Demystification, education in terms of various ingredients. Do you know what hames is? Do you know how to make hames? Where is the best hames in the whole world, is it important to know that? Really you can live without hames but, I just got back from the Middle East and I found where they make what is purported to be the best hames, and I'll tell you, I have never tasted better hames, and years, and years, and years.