What Leadership Lessons Have You Learned as an Entrepreneur?

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I think the most successful entrepreneurs find other people who think like they think, who believe like they believe, that this is a good thing. Steve Jobs could never have built Apple, if he hadn't had other people around him that thought feel like Oh my God! This is the cat's meow, and who are also very restricted in the product development.

I mean look how many products, Apple's had, few compare to a General Mills for example. Few, but really, really intensely good. And so I so admire what he has done, in every way because it's like great design, great technology, great selling, great marketing. It's a phenomenal company.

And I haven't modeled our company in anyway on that. It's our company is a very different company dealing in lifestyle. So we've had, the printed word. But if you read our books, if you read our magazines, you'll understand that what we produce there is very, very excellent content.

Excellence must pervade everything if you're going to be a successful entrepreneur, it has to work. The recipes have to be good. You can't leave out the flower. I mean you really have to be 100% on and when I look at my magazines and see how few corrections we'd had to insert in the following issue, I mean hardly any.

That's a well produced product.