What Is the Interior of a Martha Stewart Home?

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First of all well made. It's not going to fall apart next year. Well made, it's very pretty. It looks good. There are details that make a house a home, details are very important, not fussy but elegant, edited. We edit choices. We edit and edit and edit, I think our primary function in this world is to edit great ideas and great design and great practicality we edit it.

And you feel good in this environment. We also furnish these homes with our own furniture, our own lighting fixtures, our own kitchen appliances and kitchen our cabinet work that we've designed. All kinds of really betting, bathroom accessories, fixtures. All these, and if you look at it you sort of say, then people go in and say, oh it's so Martha, and that's a really nice way to think about it in terms of looking that it's identifiable.

It's not as I say, overly fussy. It's Jerry built. It's not built to fall apart. No plan to obsolescence. One thing I cannot stand is planned obsolescence, and that still exists in a lot of companies today.