What Is a Martha Stewart Home?

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I'm very proud of the [xx] design in conjunction with a company called KB Homes, one of the largest producers of mass home developments in certain places of the United States and I, every time I go into one of our new homes, and we've just been producing recently in the last couple of years because of the disastrous housing market and mortgage market, we've been producing much smaller homes.

Homes of maybe 14, 000 square feet, 2, 000 square feet 2000 square feet instead of the 4,000-5,000 square feet homes, and you walk into this well designed home, there is a two car garage. There are three or four bedrooms. There are three bathrooms. There is a beautiful functional kitchen with nice cabinet work, there is a fireplace, there is a laundry room.

I walk around in awe that, our design in conjunction with the contractors, and the builders, and the building materials, and we're doing homes that use very little energy. Some of them are zero energy users by the time you're finished figuring it out. I'm just astonished that you can buy a home like this for less than $300,000 in the United States in nice place to live.