What Are Some Lessons You Learned as a Female Entrepreneur?

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Being an entrepreneur requires a kind of a strength of character, that is missing in a lot of people. It's a persistence, taking an idea that you think is a really good idea, and making that idea materialize into something and I love the idea being an entrepreneur. I think it's a wonderful way to live, it's exciting, challenging, very enlivening and a lot of people gather around you, and go roll, roll, roll, Let's do it because they recognize a good idea also.

I really think being an entrepreneur enables you to take that germ of an idea, that passionate belief that this is better than anything else, here's your four, making it happen and I've enjoyed so much meeting other entrepreneurs, being a woman is no different than being a man in an entrepreneurial spirit.

There are lots of great woman entrepreneurs all over the world, and that I'm considered to be one and a successful one is just, it's fun and exciting, and rewarding.