Is Old Media Dead?

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And seeing virtually no decline at all in subscribers to the magazine but we are offering our magazine to our subscribers in digital form, for the iPad and for any other tablet that's coming along, and we are offering that, we are offering two of our magazines now, Everyday Food and Want This Throughout Living.

So we want to be where your eyeballs are, we want to be where you need us and want us. It's very important in this world of media. As far as television goes, people are still watching television, is still one of the drivers for our business. People love television but is television that television as we know it or is it the large computer screen, that's on our desk, is it connected to our keyboards, so that when you are watching Martha Steward on television and she's using a pot that you have to have, because she is talking about it so lovingly and she can't live without it.

Can you click on it and have it sent to you tomorrow. That's what really television, that's where it's going. It's going to be responsive and interactive and it would be really, really good for kids. If kids are going to watch say an educational TV program they need to be able to interact because that's how they have been brought up, and I want to encourage the interaction, I want them to ask a question, I want the host of a program to get a question from the kid and be able to try to answer it.

I think interactivity is very important and whoever you are talking to has to be smart enough to recognize that and also be able to cope with the questions. I do a program once a week on serious radio and we have a whole channel on serious Martha Stewart Living radio, which I'm very proud of because we've done very, very good programming.

But I do my own Ask Martha, nonstop questions. We remind all our listeners via Twitter, via Facebook, that I'm going beyond it 4 pm on Monday or 4 pm on Tuesday. My schedule changes every now and then. And they start to call and they have very good questions, and it's a very, very lovely hour for me because I'm talking to real people.

The telephone calls.