How Is Technology Hurting Us?

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I think we are distracted and distracted by many, many, many things that should actually help us: technology, the advent of the internet, the intrusion of the internet on our everyday lives, the amount of time people spend in front of their computers instead of in front of their garden patch, in front of their children, in front of their books.

So much time is spent in a place where I had the greatest hope for the fact that I thought the internet was going to save us time to make time for all the other things in life, when in fact, it's actually wasting a lot of time. Conversation is more difficult, I miss my friends, I miss actually having contact, physical contact where it's audio or visual with my friends because it's all email.

A simple question. I get one sentence question, should we do this? Yes, no. That is not a conversation, there's no discussion and even friends who I thought would never stoop to that are doing it.