How Important Is Color in a Home?

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Color is so important. People don't realize. When you paint a house inside, like say a 1950s house. You paint it all white inside. you're sort of light is like it's so bright it keeps you inside it doesn't take your eye out the windows the minute you paint those walls, say a shade of green.

It draws your eyes right to the outside. So the outside's coming in, the inside's going out. It makes a huge difference. The light on the wall can be so much more beautiful, if it's not on an unpleasant color. We've worked really really hard on developing paint colors for our paint line.

And I've worked on paints for more than 20 years, mixing shades that are complex, that look good in every light. And we put it on the wall, we look at it in the morning, noon, night, artificial light, florescent light, we look at every color. And it really makes a difference.