How Does Martha Stewart Define Creativity?

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And innate talent or an innate ability in people to do something that could be considered extraordinary, that's painters of fine artists has something that nobody else has, and that's what makes him or her succeed and be famous forever or well liked forever, it's the same thing.

I couldn't I I couldn't make a wooden rocking chair if I tried, I'm a horrible carpenter, I recognize that, I know what it takes I know the tools it requires. I know the wood to choose, but I'm not really good at joinery and all those other things, and yet my brother my older brother is the most phenomenal wood worker, and somehow he has it in his mind and in his fingers to be able to create that piece of furniture that is strong enough to sit on, spindly enough to be beautiful, and it's just a masterpiece.

So those creators of masterpieces should be revered and should be allowed to teach, and should be encouraged to show others how they do their thing. Because there's a lot of people out there who could do it, and who don't even know it because they haven't even been exposed to it.