How Do We Tackle the Issues Caused by Our Aging Population?

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I was very concerned when I heard about geriatric medicine, the practice of geriatrics, and the aging population which is called, we've sort of named it The Silver Tsunami. I was shocked at what's not happening in the United States pertaining to the aging population. [xx] Hospital was established the first geriatrics practice real in the 20th century.

They have continued to teach and practice geriatrics at [xx], a very fine hospital on city, avenue and 100 street in New York City, a large hospital. So I was encouraged to make the founding gift of the Martha Stuart Center for living, we call it, it's a out patient hospital where you can come whether you live in the neighborhood or elsewhere, if you're 65 or over, you can establish a relationship at this hospital, and you can have your medical records correlated, you can learn about diet, exercise, good health, your particular problems.

You can be referred to experts that you need who will also then correlate your records back to a central place so that you're not taking the wrong medication next to the wrong medication. That's one of the big problems with the older people, they get mixed up with all medications that they are prescribed by various doctors.

So we started this about five years ago. It has been a huge success, and I'm very, very proud of the effort. We have wonderful doctors in this hospital. What we are hoping is that this will be a prototype for other communities all across America to deal with the baby boomers so this in the next two years, 78 million, that number has gone up by the way it used to be 65 million, but 78 million baby boomers are going to reach the age of 65.

Nobody is thinking about them, geriatric medicine is not a popular medicine because it's not sexy, you don't get rich practicing it, you're dealing with a whole bunch of different older people, the insurance companies do not want to handle this, look at the medic aid, is in we don't even know what the future is.

So it is a big problem and there is one geriatrician to every 10 to 11,000..