How Do We Make Arts, Crafts and Music Important in Education?

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For I was growing up in North New Jersey we had all the ancilliary subjects that were so important to a young person growing up normally. We did have shop, we had a mechanical drawing, we had art, we had Home Economics which involves sewing and cooking. We had a wonderful sports program for every kid not just a super athlete.

We had so many subjects that just are not in today's schools. Listening to President Obama's recent speech on jobs creation and keeping teachers is so important and for some reasons some parents in America have forgotten that this education is so vital to the development of a creative productive society.

So the Arts and Crafts that we do here [xx] in England and when I call Arts and Crafts, this is serious stuff for instance, Crafts people are some of the most cherished treasures we have in this country. A basket makers who knows how to turn a simple piece of grass into a master piece basket is an incredible resource and it's just beautiful to see somebody like that work.

Or a man who takes a tree blown down in the storm and turn that into beautiful wooden objects and furniture. I grew up really admiring artisans, really admiring crafts people and when you ask again who my mentors are it's those people who really have studied that magnificent world of creating things with one's own hand, or creating things that will last, that are beautiful, that you can use, that are practical and utilitarian.

That's a very important part of our society that many of us have forgot.