Does Martha Stewart Provide a Sense of Comfort in the Work That She Does?

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I think we do provide a certain amount of maybe, if it'ss not just comfort it maybe good distraction. Good distraction to bring you into another sphere where you are making a cupcake that is so good and your family loves it so much and you are a hero just because you've made something really delicious for your kids.

That's enjoyable and that's nice and we have to still continue with the nice, with the delicious, with the good and it's not superficial, this an important stuff. Because who's gonna teach our kids what's good, what's nutritious, what's delicious, what's flavor real flavor how to grow things organically so that you are capturing the essence of the soil and every single vegetable that you eat.

How to make that garden really produce without a lot of artificial fertilizers or pesticides. All of this is going to keep us living healthier, living longer, living better.