Are You Surprised by the Rise of Social Media?

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I am astonished that so many people spend too much time on it. That is again back to our first question where I'm bothered by it. I'm bothered by the amount of time that people are taking out of their day to interact with people they don't even know, but I use it, I use social media very specifically, I really want, again to, either ask a question and get an instant survey, it's a very effective tool.

When I'm visiting a potential partner, I can ask a question and will of well, worded question and answer from thousands of people in a few minutes, to that question. Can you or would you shop for this at this particular place and that potential partner is always just astonished as the response, because I have a large following on Twitter and on Facebook, a large response following, who really wants to, they want to learn.

And I do a blog everyday too, I don't know if you know that, but I do the Martha blog which this week is about Israel, my visit to Israel and we post, I take a lot of photographs every single day and we had an amazing trip to Israel, it was both to go to a nephew's wedding, but also to visit as much of the country as we could in a limited amount of time.

I took so many, many pictures, so many people have responded to that blog saying, they hadn't planned to go to Israel but wow, now they want to visit because they see the extraordinary things they can see in Israel via my blog. So I try to use it intelligently. I try to use it effectively.

I tried to use it to again, inform and inspire. It's the same.