Martha Stewart: How the Internet Is a Double-Edged Sword

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I think we're destructed. And destructed by many, many, many things that should actually help us technology, the advent of the internet, the intrusion of internet on our everyday lives, the amount of time people spend in front of their computers instead of their garden patch, in front of their children, in front of their books, so much time is spend in a place where I had the greatest hope for the fact that I thought the internet was going to save us time to make time for all the other things in life.

When in fact, it's actually wasting a lot of time. We want to be where your eyebrows are, we want to be where you need us and want us. It's very important in this world of media. As far as television goes people are so watching television is still one of the drivers for our business.

People love television. But is television the television as we know, or is it the large computer screen that's on our desk? Is it connected to our keyboard so that when you're watching Martha Stewart on television, and she's using a pot that you have to have because she's talking about it so lovingly, and she can't live without it.

Can you click on it, and have it sent to you tomorrow? That's what 's really television, that's where it's going. When I was growing up in Nutley, New Jersey. We had all the ancillary subjects that were so important to a young person in growing up normally. We did have shop. We had mechanical drawing, we had art, we had home economics, which involved sewing and cooking, we had wonderful sports programs for every kid, not just the super athletes.

We had so many subjects that just are not in today's schools. Listening to President Obama's recent speech on job creation and keeping teachers is so important, and for some reason, some parents in America have forgotten that this education is so vital to the development of a creative, productive society.

Teachers have to gain a tremendous of more respect from the parents. Parents are horrible these days to teachers. Teachers have to be encouraged to teach. They have to be encourages to provide information to our kids, our grand kids. We have to make schools better. We can't keep making cuts in funding for school.

We have to really encourage a new kind of learning in the United States.