The Future of Health and Wellness

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What I see is much more interest in prevention, and an earlier prevention, otherwise more proactive steps. The way health is now, you keep on going along until you get sick and then you see the doctor, and they treat you. There's not that much in terms of prevention after you leave your pediatrician.

They can take care of you and give you vaccines etc, but after that you're kind of on your own until you get sick. I think what well see in the future is really a much more active, proactive road map for what a person should do to stay healthy, along with some goal setting, and that is, here is my goal, I'd like to run a marathon, or I'd like to lose 20 pounds, or I'd like to have my cholesterol under 180.

So with some goal setting and some earlier pro-active treatment, I think we're going to see a lot more benefit coming out of this initiative in health and wellness. We're starting to see it because our guests are bringing their children, and that's something that's brand new. To see a 20 year old interested in prevention, it's a complete shock! You're normally 29 when you're thinking about it.

But now we're seeing younger and younger people, more interested in being proactive.