Could We Be Further Along in Managing Diabetes?

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One thing that's really surprising is how long it takes to get solutions to some of these problems. Cancer is a tough problem. I don't see any cure for that coming in the very near future. Let's take a simple one, diabetes. To me, that's something we should have cured 20 years ago. How difficult could it be to make a machine that measures and treats the blood sugar levels? I mean that should be very simple.

We put pace makers in a heart that regulates the heart rhythm. Why can't we put a pancreas pace maker in there? And that really surprises me that we haven't come up with that kind of a solution. I think the other surprise is how focused everything is become on medications. So many people now are, and even kids are taking medications.

They are medicated for behavior issues, for learning disabilities, for all kinds of things that maybe others are better than medications. So the focus unfolds to me is surprising. And especially when there are so many other ways to address, many of the things that we deal with develop having a pills for example.

So I may ask another thing has surprised me, that there is so much hope is on the medications.