What Healthcare Issues Keep You Up at Night?

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The rapidity with which change is being pushed on us is the thing that worries me the most. Can we respond to the payment cuts that were proposed for whatever you can argue whether they are good or bad in the affordable care act and then with the bill that passed on January 2nd and then with [xx] and then with deficit reduction, we're seeing one after another, after another of really significant payment reductions at a time we are trying to re-tool our system, and we need a little breathing room and a little time to get it done and the single biggest thing I worry about is, not that we won't be able to adapt but we won't have time to adapt and society has a real zeal right now for reducing healthcare cost, fine, and solving the federal deficit problem, fine, but, it wants to do it really fast and not have any consequences to it, and there are going to be consequences.

That's what worries me about it.