What Brought You to Intel?

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So I show up in Intel, and I say, I've drank this Telemedicine Kool-Aid, I want to bring healthcare to the masses of the world for lower costs, and I think the only way to do that is to virtualize it. And it literally put care delivery online, not just medical records and medical record keeping, but the care delivery system, and how I actually interact with my providers.

As I said, there are certain things I can do, I'm not trying to deliver a baby or handle a gun shot wound on the internet. But diabetes, hypertension, COPD, CHF, the 80 to 20 rule, 80% are of cancer and chronic disease, and I can manage that better virtually using all the interactive tools that have now become available.

That was 12 years ago when I started, since then mobile technology has skyrocketed as we're seeing here, I have smart phones, I have smart Tablets, video conferencing, IM chat, with three years we'll come back here and we'll have holograms, and 3D images, you can see the inexorable match towards virtual technology becoming and replacing face to face for certain things, I'm not again saying it's the fantasy of everything, but seeing people one at a time face to face in your office, that's a 19 century business model and it's become unaffordable, if I could offer you a visit not for $100 or $150 for my 15 minutes of time but I can do it for 25 because I knocked out 60%, 70% 90% of my overhead, yes I took on the overhead of the ICT, the internet, but that's miniscule compared to the Brixon model and the capital investment in the structure I had to build, doesn't mean all structures go away, we still need hospitals.

Give you an example in Sweden. Sweden has it's developed ICT technology, home-care, home monitoring, EMR technology has become more and more pervasive. 10 years ago they had about 150 hospitals now they got 75 and they have plans to go to 35 for the country. Now, again it's a small country with 8 million people, it's kind of like Wild Island it's not America, I get that but analogies are analogies.

By extension, if I need to lower the cost of healthcare delivery in the US the only way I'm going to do this is by virtualizing it, and connecting the desperate silos. I have a much better chance of doing that in cyber space than I do in the real world if you would.