As You Peek into the Future What Do You See?

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Unfortunately I think I see things happening slower than other people do. I've been waiting, I drunk [xx] medicine almost 20 years ago and it's been around the corner just forever. Maybe because we're bankrupt, maybe because the world is going broke, we'll actually see some certainty of change, maybe it will be quicker that I think.

But, the technology is there, the technology is going to continue to mature, but the social change and the engineering and the people change that's needed to make this happen that's much hard. And I honestly think it happens outside the US first, it probably happens in developing markets.

I've been here talking to delegations from Africa where nations are trying to look at healthcare systems they need to create literally from scratch, and I think they have a better chance at creating a complimentary virtual care system to the Brickson model system. Than we do of tearing down part of the of brickson model system and allowing it to go virtual.

So I think this type of care delivery emerges somewhere beyond other than the US first, and we get it afterwards, much like we got landlines predominated here much longer then they did in other countries.