Who Imputs the data into Electronic Medical Records?

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So generally that would happen in the provider's office, it would either be the healthcare provider him/herself or perhaps an assistant or a technician within their office. Increasingly a lot of some systems are moving toward kind of inputting the data together. There's been a criticism, goodness! If my doctor has a computer in the office does that mean he or she is going to be, looking at the screen and typing and not, looking into my eyes and laying hands on my body and seeing what's going on with me, and that's a valid concern, but I think the response to that is, let's use technology together.

I actually do this with my own doctor she's sitting at a screen and it's not angled towards me and I move my chair around and I say, hey, can I look at that with you? And I ask her what does that mean? Oh really! Did you know I'm not taking that medication anymore? And it's this shared thing rather than something that she's doing that's taking time away from me.

Together we are making this record, and eventually I think more and more you are going to see patients bringing in even other sources of data to the record. So for example we were talking about tracking devices that help you track many details of your daily activity. Well, it will be great I think when we can kind of boil down to what are the key takeaways? Let's say my doctor said that I needed to lose weight and I want to share with him or her that I have been on this regiment and that I've ran X miles.

If I could send that in an email or through some other way to kind of give them input on an ongoing basis on how I'm doing, remotely, without having to go to the office, that would really help that doctor understand what's going on with me.