What Is Allowing eHealth to Evolve?

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A number of things some on the policy front and some on the technology front. So on the policy front obviously were in the midst of health reform and we're increasingly going have people providers, health care providers are going to be paid for outcomes of healthcare rather than the volume of services they provide.

So increasingly I think that's going to drive people towards better health but part of what's really changing all this is changes in technology. I always say the Internet has changed almost every aspect of our world you book a flight online you, you buy things online most of us have cell phones in our pockets that have the computing power of the biggest computer from 20, 30 years ago.

Changes in technology are also begging to infiltrate health but more slowly than other areas, and as you have this worlds of IT coming together with changes in healthcare policy where doctors are getting online and so on. Increasingly ehealth is really starting to take off and you see some really big mainstream companies moving into this space tooo so it's clear that it's a wave of the future.